Battery or Solar Ultralarm 3G GSM Burglar Alarms 

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Battery or Solar Powered 3G GSM Ultralarm Wireless Burglar Alarms. 

Battery or Solar Powered 3G GSM Ultralarm Wireless Burglar Alarms. 

This latest range of Battery or Solar Powered 3G GSM Alarms from Ultra Secure Direct is designed to help protect all types of buildings including:

  • Apartments.
  • Small Homes.
  • Offices.
  • Business Premises.
  • Garages.
  • Outbuildings.
  • Workshops.
  • Boats.
  • Park Homes.
  • Holiday Homes.
  • Sheds.

There is a choice between a long lasting Battery model or a Solar Powered model, both are packed full of features to help you get protect your building (listed below).

The loud Weatherproof Sirens also act as the Wireless Control Panel and GSM Auto-Dialler, which will contact up to 6 x key-holders should the Alarm be triggered.

You can use up to 32 x Wireless accessories with each Alarm Panel.

The Alarms are Armed & Disarmed using the Wireless Keypads (which can be carried around in your pocket) or Text Message or a Phone Call.

The Alarm can be fully programmed to suit your environment, the options include:

  • Each Zone can be individually named.
  • Exit Time Delay: 0 to 255 seconds.
  • Entry Time Delay: 0 to 255 seconds.
  • Siren Duration Time: 0 to 255 seconds. 
  • Siren Volume Control: Silent to level 3 which is 110 Decibels.
  • Call Type Preference: SMS or Telephone (or both).
  • Admin Configuration: Allows key-holders to be informed when the Alarm is used (Armed, Disarmed etc), this feature can be turned OFF.
  • Power Save Mode OFF: Solar Only.
  • Receive Status SMS: Solar Model Only.

There is a low battery alert should any battery get low.

This really is a great Alarm to protect your Buildings !!

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