Bespoke Wireless Panic Alarms 

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Bespoke Wireless Panic Alarms:

Bespoke Wireless Panic Alarms:

We can offer a Bespoke Wireless Panic Alarm to suit many types of applications, since the appalling terrorist events of 2016 in France our colleagues over their have been inundated with requests from Schools and other Town Buildings for Panic Alarms to cover situations requiring a Full Lock Down such as a potential Terrorist Attack.

The Panic Alarms they have designed are all based on using our Wireless technology for quicker installation, but have differed substantially due to the fact that each customer has different requirements.

The projects are split into three areas:

Panic Buttons:

How many and what type of Panic Buttons are required.


What size building needs to be covered for the Panic Alarm.

Control Panel:

In the event of a Panic Button being activated, what does the customer want to happen, the options are limitless but listed below are just some of the requests that have been made in France:

  • 1 Channel Push Button (all panic buttons activate the same Sirens & Flashing LED's).
  • 2 Channel Push Buttons (two groups of Panic Buttons which indicate a different type of Panic situation).
  • 1 or 2 types of Wired Sirens.
  • 1 or 2 types of Wireless Sirens.
  • 1 or 2 types of Flashing Strobe Lights.
  • GSM Auto=Diallers.
  • Speech Alerts.
  • All Clear LED or Speech Alert.
  • Wireless or Manual Switch Off options.

The costs obvioulsy vary widely due to the fact that one customer requests a single Panic Button with one Channel Siren or GSM Auto-Dialler, other customers want multiple Sirens and Flashing Lights together with a GSM Auto-Dialler.

Many requests can be met by using one of our many 'off the shelf' Panic Alarms, but if you have a specific requirement please contact us for advice.

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