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Farmyard Security Products from Ultra Secure. 

Farmyard Security Products from Ultra Secure. 

Farmyards are often seen as an easy target by thieves as they can be remote, quite often unmanned and full of Machinery, Fuel Tanks etc or just valuable Scrap materials that can easily be sold off, they are also normally very easy to escape from.

They are also very hard to secure due to their nature, very often with multiple access routes, wide entrances, some have power, some do not.

Ultra Secure Direct specialize in supplying Outdoor Security products designed for easy self installation, something most farmers never have a problem with, the product range include:

The products shown in this section are just a brief overview of the many types of Security Devices we are able to build and supply. 

Ultra Secure are based in the UK, but send products all over the U.S and Europe, we often design and make bespoke Security Systems for customers with specific requirements, please Contact US for any advice.

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