Flood & Water Alarms

Flood & Water Alarms designed to detect a potential Flood or Leak at an early stage allowing appropriate actions.

Flood & Water Alarms designed to detect a potential Flood or Leak at an early stage allowing appropriate actions.

Damage from Floods or even small Water Leaks can (and do) cause thousands of pounds of damage every single day to Home Owners & Business Premises alike, not to mention the potential threat to People or Animals.

Detecting a problem early on may give you a chance to divert the problem, or at least restrict the danger.

Ultra Secure Direct have introduced a wide choice of Water Alarms to cover many different applications all designed with Easy DIY Installation in mind. 

Which Alarm To Choose:

As with many of our Alarms we often refer back to our Trusted & Tested principle of the D.T.R which works in so many different Alarm applications.

D.T.R = Detection, Transmission & Reception:


  1. What type of detection do you need, options can include a wired or wireless probe or float ?
  2. How many locations do you need to be monitored, some customers will install one detector in a strategic location, others will install multiple detectors in different locations ?
  3. What type of locations need to be monitored, inside a building or outside prone to weather conditions ?
  4. Do we use a Wireless or Wired Water Alarm system ?
  5. Is there available power near the locations that need to be monitored ?


  1. Once water is detected, how do we get this signal back to the chosen receiver ? (wireless or cable)
  2. If Wireless. what is the distance & terrain between the detectors & receiver ?


  • When a leak of flood has been detected, what chain reaction do you want, options include the following list (multiple options could be used at the same time with the same individual system):
    • Loud Internal Siren (latched or timed) ?
    • Internal Buzzer (latched or timed) ?
    • External Wired or Wireless Sirens ?
    • Flashing Light ? 
    • Text Message (to owners or key-holders) ?
    • Telephone Call (to owners or key-holders) ? 
  • Is there available power at the location of the receiver ?.
  • Is there access to a Telephone Line or Extension at the location of the receiver ?
  • Do you get a mobile telephone signal at the location of the receiver ?


By selecting the most appropriate answers to the questions above, the most practical & affordable Water & Flood Alarm should be easily chosen, if you are still confused then your answers to the above will help us give you honest advice. 

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