GSM Panic & Safety Alarms

GSM Panic & Safety Alarms.

GSM Panic & Safety Alarms.

Ultra Secure Direct have a selection of GSM Wireless Panic Alarms designed to help protect Lone Workers, The Elderley & Vulnerable Persons.

These GSM Alarms will automatically call preset key-holders in the event of a Panic Button being activated, you can choose systems that will also activate Sirens or Buzzers whilst calling the key-holders or decide to use Silent Alarms.

There are no expensive call centres to pay and no monthly running costs, your only costs would be the SIM Card.

They can be used in Medical & Security situations.

SIM Card:

You can choose to use a:

  • Contract SIM Card: sometime popular with businesses already running many sim cards as very affordale contracts are likely to be in place.
  • PAYG (pay as you go): we would urge customers to look at the small print of many PAYG Sim Cards these days, as many will simply remove all outstanding credit on them at the end of each month, or cut a card off if it hasn't been used in a certain time period.

Panic Buttons:

You can choose various styles of Panic Buttons including:

  • Wall & Desk Mounted.
  • Wristband.
  • Lanyard.

The operating distance between the Push Buttons and Control Panels will vary between different models, please contact us for advice if you are not sure.

You can also purchase Signal Repeaters with some systems to help punch the Wireless Signal through walls and ceilings.

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