Mains Power Failure Alarms

For over 15 years, we have been creating innovative technical solutions for both professional and domestic use. Our power failure products are meticulously designed to cater to a variety of installation needs, from the straightforward to the highly specialised.

    Our systems offer:

  • Reliable Control: Manage power interruptions and restorations.
  • Wireless Communication: Enjoy long-range wireless connectivity between detectors and receivers, eliminating the need for cumbersome cables and simplifying installation.
  • Customisable Alerts: Choose from simple local siren alerts or more advanced notifications via phone (calls/SMS) using GSM (mobile) or landline.
  • Energy Efficiency: Many of our components are designed to be battery powered, minimising the need for constant power supply.

If you have specific requirements, don't hesitate to contact us. Our design team is ready to develop a bespoke solution tailored to your environment and technical demands.

Mains Power Failures (power cuts) are infrequent in some locations, but far too frequent in others, but on all occasions these events can be seen as either a simple irritant (resulting in having to reset clocks etc) to a major incident (incurring huge costs & inconvenience due to lost & damaged goods and even worse dangerous medical emergencies).

The damage may be in the form of lost food in a freezer, unusable chemicals & medicines in storage, computer failure due to overheating servers, lost plants within a greenhouse, dead fish in a tropical tank, production lines stopping, the list is endless.

It could also result in a very serious medical emergency if equipment fails to operate.

Prompt action following a power failure can in most cases, prevent any potential problem, because of this we have designed a selection of alarms that will alert you when this occurs.

Our mains power failure alarms are very easy and quick to install, they are all supplied with a 3-pin plug in transformer which simple plug into a wall socket (on the ring main being protected), and they vary in how they will alert you once activated.

examples listed below:

  • Constant Buzzer.
  • Constant Siren.
  • Flashing Light.
  • Wireless Signal (to receivers up to 900 metres away).
  • Telephone Call (using telephone lines or mobile phone GSM communication).
  • Text Message (using mobile GSM technology).

  • Have a look through our wide selection of products, to find the system that suits your needs. These products are also commonly searched for as:

  • Power Interruption Alarms.
  • Power Outage Alarms.
  • Loss of Power Alarms.


Q: Do we need to employ an electrician to install these systems?

A: No, these are very simple systems to install, the basic systems can be installed by anyone within a few minutes, a more complex GSM system will require someone with very basic electronic programming skills (similar to setting up a TV or answer phone).

Q: In the event of a power failure, how do the systems notify key-holders?

A: The method of notification can vary widely from simply 40 decibel buzzers, to loud external sirens, telephone messages to text messages, or even a combination of the above.

Q: Our power supply is unstable and as a result we have numerous very short power cuts, we would prefer to only be alerted in the event of a prolonged power failure, is this possible?

A: Yes, we can supply GSM products that can be programmed to only alert the key-holder if the power has been off for a selected duration, some customers would want to be notified after 5 minutes, some after 30 to 40 minutes.

Q: How do the systems operate in the event of a power failure?

A: They are powered by a backup battery.

Q: How long will the buzzers or sirens operate for in the event of a power failure?

A: The duration of operation varies between models, but generally 4 - 8 hours.

Q: Do the systems protect all sockets within the same building?

A: No, the power failure systems will only cover protect the ring main it is plugged into, if you need to protect more than one you will need further systems, or one of our wireless links.

Q: I have some outbuildings at the rear of my small holding, can I protect the power supply within these buildings and be notified back inside the house?

A: Yes, we can supply you either wireless solutions (for distances up to 900 metres) or GSM solutions using sim cards.

Q: Can I be notified if the Power comes back ON?

A: Yes, our GSM Power Failure Alarms will send you a text message informing you the Power is back ON.

Q: We are not sure which system will actually cover our requirements, can you help?

A: Yes, we are always more than happy to give our customers honest, no obligation advice by email or telephone.

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