Mains Powered Garage Alarms 

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Mains powered Wireless Garage Alarms

Mains powered Wireless Garage Alarms

Most customers are happy with using battery powered Alarms in their Garage, but there are some who insist on using Mains Powered Alarms for various reasons, the most frequently stated reason is they do not want to reply on changing batteries, although they appear happy to change a small battery inside a Wireless Door Contact or PIR once a year.

Ultra Secure offer a range of Wireless Alarm Kits designed for use in a typical Garage or large Shed application, although all of these suggested kits can be changed or added to for any given application, please contact us for advice. 

Our Alarms are all designed for easy DIY Installation, and most of the programming is done by us before sending the goods out, we also have technicians on the telephone and email who can assist in the installation if required.

The Alarm systems are built up with a combination of:

Control Panels, these are all powered by a plug in transformer (no electrician required) and have a built in back up battery which will operate the alarm if the power is cut through a power cut or by an intruder. There are various control panels to choose including:

  • KP9 Siren Only (which has a built in keypad and siren, and can also trigger a one or more Wireless Sirens).
  • KP9 3G GSM (which also has a built in keypad and siren, and can also trigger a one or more Wireless Sirens but will also contact owners by Phone & Text Message).
  • KP Compact (small alarm panel which will contact owners by Phone & Text Message, will trigger a Wired Siren, but can be used in Silent mode, this panel is operated by Remote Control or Text Message).
  • Heavy Duty KP GSM Workshop Alarm (this panel can be used with wired contacts and the full range of wireless detectors and will contact owners by phone and text message, it is made from steel rather than plastic and can also be used with a GSM Phone Extension Aerial).

We often recommend to customers that the controls panels are fitted away in hard to reach locations inside the garage, and remote controls are used for the day to day functions making it far more secure against a burglar.


There are many wired and wireless detectors available for use with our Mains Powered Garage Alarms, although wired contacts can be used with some of our panels, most customers choose to use the Wireless Detectors as they are much easier and quicker to Install. The most popular Detectors for use in a Garage applications are:

  • Door & Window Contacts (monitors for doors and windows being opened).
  • Roller Shutter Contacts (detects a roller shutter door being opened very early on).
  • Pet Friendly PIR (only detect animals over 10 KG, therefore ideal if there is a chance of a Rat, Mouse or Cat being present).
  • Vibration Sensors (will detect a vulnerable door or window being forced open).
  • Smoke Detectors (monitor for fire, early warning may save you thousands of pounds).
  • Panic Button (useful in case of an accident whilst working inside the garage).


We can offer a range of Wired & Wireless Sirens, Flashing LED's etc, these can be used inside and outside, many customers like to use more than one making the noise levels very loud.

Some customers will want a Silent Alarm, just relying on a Phone Call or Text without the Burglar being any wiser.

Some customers would like a Siren mounted on a totally different building, this is often possible. 

Remote Controls:

All of our Alarm Panels can be Armed & Disarmed by using a Remote Control, this can be done from outside the Garage and sometimes even from inside your house.

Please contact us for any advice before or after purchase.

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