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A selection of Wireless Door Alerts for use in Shops, Business Premises & Homes

A selection of Wireless Door Alerts for use in Shops, Business Premises & Homes


Most businesses spend a lot of money to get valuable customers into a shop or premises, therefore these customers need to be serviced as quickly & effeciently as possible, but it is not always practical to staff these locations for every minute of the day, staff may be needed in the stock room, to help unload a vehicle, it may be a rural shop where out of season visitos are rare etc etc.

By using a Wireless Door or Visitor Bell System, it allows you and your staff to be effectively working away from the shop or reception without the risk of missing any visitors, it also reduces the chances of theft from unmanned rooms.

There are various systems to choose from, each one being designed for specific applications and operation, please read through the 'Choosing' tab column to help you decide, or contact us for Friendly, No Obligation Adivce !!


Which 'Wireless Door Alert' suits my application?

D. T. R (Detection, Transmission, Reception).

As always we revert back to out tried and tested formular of the D.T.R


  • Where do I want to place a Detector, options include:
    • On a Door, ideal for most applications, a signal will be sent to the Receiver every time a door is opened, not ideal if the door is to be left open for long periods ?
    • In a Doorway, if a door or entrance is being left open during working hours, then we perhaps need a Detector that senses people as they walk past, but it needs to be in a location that doesnt catch members of staff carry out normal duties ?
    • Outside the Doorway, you may wish to be informed when someone walks up to your entrace ?
    • Car Park or Driveway Entrace, you may wish to be informed when a visitor walks or drives through your entrance or onto your car park ?
    • Combination of the above, you may wish to deploy a combination of the above, perhaps at different times of the day or year ?
  • How many entrances do you need to monitor ?
  • Size of areas needing to be monitored, if you decide to locate Detectors in external locations, how wide are these locations ?, are the Pets loose in these locations ?
  • Types of Detectors, there is a vast array of Battery Powered Detectors to choose from, these include:
    • Magnetic Door Contacts, these are fitted directly onto a Door.
    • External Gate Contacts, these are fitted onto external Gates.
    • Internal PIR's, these come in various shapes and sizes, but will pick up movement, ideal for loactions where doors are being left open.
    • Doormats, these can be triggered when they are stood on.
    • External PIR, these are simple to install Battery Powered Detectors that can detect people from up to 20 metres away (but need careful positioning so they do not detect staff or loose animals).
    • External Active Beams, these are far more accurate than a PIR, and have detection ranges of up to 100 metres, making them ideal for wide locations or locations near to working staff or loose animals.
All of our Detectors are Wireless and Battery Powered, making them very easy and quick to fit in many types of locations. When triggered they will send a signal back to your Receiver.
The distance between the Detector and receiver can vary from 100 metres (line of sight) to 900 metres (line of sight) to even using mobile phone technology (depending on which system is chosen).
Due to the difference in Wireless Transmission between various systems, it is important to work out your requirements before choosing the best system for you.
Line of Sight: 
Line of Sight is a term used by all Wireless Product Manufacturers, it  means that when they state the Wireless Range for their product, this has been determined in open air transmission, with no obstacles of walls present.
For each obstacle the signal needs to pass through, the transmission range will be reduced by various levels (dependant on the structure of the obstacle), therefore it is important to note how many and what type of obstacles the signal would need to pass in your application.
General Guide:
Although there are no definate measurements or rules to follow when trying to decide what reduction in the Wireless range you may expect, listed below is a guide to help:
  • Glass, Wood & Plasterboard Walls: 10% Reduction.
  • Brick Walls: 25% Reduction.
  • Stone Walls: 45% Reduction.
  • Trees & Shrubs: 10% to 50% Reduction (dependant on how many and how thick, please take into account summer foilage).
  • External Buildings:
    • Wooden Shed 10% Reduction.
    • Brick Garage 25% Reduction.
    • Steel Barn 50% Reduction.
  • Overhead Power Lines: 5% to 50% Reduction (dependant on direction and height).
If you are in doubt, please contact us for Friendly, No Obligation Advice, we have years of experience to give to you !!
Once you have chosen the best type of Detectors for your specific application, you then have to decide how you wish to be informed when a visitor does arrive, the options are limitless but most customers have one or more of the following:
  • Chime
  • Internal Siren
  • External Wired Siren
  • External Wireless Siren
  • Bell
  • Pager Signal
  • Flashing Light
  • Telephone Call
  • Text Message 
  • Recorded Speech Message
Other questions you need to consider are:
  • Have you got a power supply at the location of the Receiver ?
  • How many locations or Receivers would you need ?
  • Do you want to be able to turn the Receivers ON & OFF at different times of day (or year).

We also have a Battery powered Stand-alone GSM Door Alert (UltraDial) for Remote Access locations, this device is powered by 3 x AA Lithium Batteries and will contact up to three key-holders by Telephone & SMS if the Door is opened, the Magnetic Door Contact used can be either a Wired or Wireless model. Ideal for remote buildings such as Plant Rooms, Pump Rooms etc.



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