New UltraCOM3 Two Apartment Intercom Caller Station

Additional UltraCOM3 - Black Caller Station & Silver Hood

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Additional 'UltraCom3' 1800 ft Caller Station (black with silver hood) for use in single or multiple property applications (maximum nine properties), requires Handsets.

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Caller Station (black with silver hood)


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Additional 'UltraCom3' 1800 ft Caller Station (black with silver hood) can be used in the following applications:

  • Single Property where customer requires a built in keypad (multiple handsets can be used within the same property).
  • Up to Nine Properties for Apartments & Flats (multiple handsets can be used in any given apartment if required).

Please Note: Handsets are Required !!

UltraCOM3 Wireless Intercom Caller Station

Caller Station:

The Caller Station is supplied with a clear backlit Display Screen which is used (via the built in keypad) to select the resident for communication and to program & manage the system.

Caller Station UltraCOM3

The Backlit Display Screen has 4 settings:

  • Always ON (not recommended when using battery power).
  • Touch Screen (wakes up upon the touch of any key).
  • Low PIR (prox) Movement (screen wakes up when someone walks past at a distance of 7 ft).
  • High PIR (prox) Movement (screen wakes up when someone walks past at a distance of 15 ft).

The Keypad (pin) can also be used to operate the Output Relay for trusted visitors or select the chosen resident if the number is known.

The Caller Station is powered by:

  • 12v - 24v DC (max 2 amp) which is often taken from the circuit board on Electric Gates & Doors.
  • Batteries (4 x C Batteries), which will operate for up to 12 - 18 months in most domestic applications.
  • Plug in 12v DC Transformer (U.S pin).

Caller Station Batteries - UltraCOM3

Output Relay

The Caller Station has a set of N/O or N/C Output Relays with adjustable duration from 1 - 99 seconds.

Wireless Range:

The operational Wireless range of the UltraCOM3 is 1800 ft (line of sight), which often equates to 900 - 1200 ft in normal applications (depending on the nature and quantity of any obstructions), this can be helped by adding the optional Aerial.


We can offer an additional Aerial which is designed to help Wireless communication, it is not a booster aerial, it is an aerial which allows for a more direct wireless path back to the Handset, the most common use would be to fit the Aerial on the back of a large Gate Post which immediately removes the Gate Post from blocking any Wireless signals. 

UltraCOM3 Aerial

Option Extras:

The following accessories can be added to this Wireless Intercom System, including:

This is a unique Wireless Intercom System that can be powered by DC or Battery, and can operate with up to Nine Apartments (if expanded) or with a single dwelling should the owners require multiple Portable Handsets.

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  • 1 x UltraCOM3 Multi Apartment Black Caller Station with Keypad.
  • 1 x Silver Outdoor Hood.
  • 1 x Aerial Connector.
  • 1 x Manual.
  • 1 x Set of Screws.
  • 1 x Tool.

UltraCOM3 Caller Station:

  • Multi Apartment: Yes (can be used with up to 9 Residents or Apartments).
  • Single Dwelling: Yes (this can be used with a single dwelling when multiple Handsets are required within).
  • Backlit Digital Display Screen: Yes.
  • Name Display: Yes (the owners name can be programmed into the display screen for the relevant Apartment).
  • Digital Screen Wake Up Options: 4.
    • Always ON (not recommended when using battery only).
    • Touch (screen wakes up upon the touch of any key).
    • Low PIR (prox) Movement (screen wakes up when someone walks past at a distance of 2.5 metres).
    • High PIR (prox) Movement (screen wakes up when someone walks past at a distance of 5 metres).
  • Programming Method: Digital Keypad.
  • Power Supply Options (not supplied as standard):
    • 12v - 24v DC (max 2 amp).
    • 4 x C Type Batteries.
    • 12v Plug in Transformer.
  • Battery Life: 12 months (in most domestic applications).
  • Operating Range: 1800 ft (line of sight).
  • Secure 2-way Communication: Yes.
  • Built in Chime when Pressed: Optional (can be chosen to chime or silent).
  • Size: 6" x 5" x 1 1/2".
  • Aerial: Internal (standard) or External (optional).
  • Aerial Programming: Done within the Caller Station menu.
  • N/O or N/C Output Relay: Yes.
  • Relay Output Duration: Adjustable from 1 second to 99 seconds (programmed within the menu).
  • Relay Output Trigger Method:
    • Keypad: 5 Digit Pin.
    • Internal Handsets: During a Call or before a Call if always On Program selected (not recommended when using battery only).
  • Adjustable Volume: Yes (1 - 5 programmed within the menu).
  • Language Options: English & French.
  • User Keypad (pin) Code: Yes (5-digits).
  • Management Keypad (pin) Code: Yes (8-digits).
  • N/O Aux Dry Output Relay: Yes (for duration of the chime). 
  • External Aerial Connection (if used): Cable 10" Long with Screw Connection.
  • Weatherproof: Yes (IP 54).
  • Colour: Black Caller Station & Silver Hood.
  • Reset Method: Yes.
  • Low Battery Notification on Caller Station: Yes (shown on the handset with a symbol and a audible beep).
  • Maximum Number of Handsets: Unlimited (all residents can use multiple handsets if required).
  • Visitor Calling Method when used with Multiple Residents (apartments):
    • Scroll Up & Down Display Screen.
    • Press the Residents (apartment) Number.