Wireless Motion Sensor Gate Alarms

Wireless Motion Sensor Gate Alarms

Wireless Motion Sensor Gate Alarms

Ultra Secure Direct have one of the biggest range of Wireless Gate & Driveway Motion Sensor Alarms & Alerts in the UK, these Alarms are all designed for easy & quick DIY Installation.

The principle of the Alarms are similar, they include:

  • Battery Powered Outdoor Motion Sensors (one or more can be used with each system).
  • Wireless Receiver (one or more can be used with each system).

Motion Sensors:

The Motion Sensors will detect movement from 10 - 20 metres away (depending on which system is chosen) Day or Night, and then Transmit a signal back to a Receiver from 20 - 800 metres (again depending on what system has been chosen).


The Receivers have many features (depending on the model chosen) allowing the customer to utilize their Wireless Motion Sensor Gate Alarms to meet their exact requirements, these options include:

  • Built in Chime (some models will have adjustable volume).
  • Built in Siren.
  • Output Voltage (allows you to connect additional internal and external Sirens or Flashing Lights).
  • Output Relays (allows you to connect Auto-Diallers or Speech Alerts).

As with all of our Alarms, we recommend customers think through the 'DTR Principle' before choosing the best Motion Sensor Gate Alarms:

D = Detection (where and how many detectors may you need to monitor your chosen locations).

T = Transmission (how far between the furthest location of a sensor would it be back to the location of the Receiver, also what obstructions are in place).

R = Reception (the most important part of your Gate Alarm, in the event of an activation what would you like to happen).

If you need advice on choosing a system to suit your application, please contact us

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