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80 metre DA-XL PIR Wireless Driveway Alarm System

240 ft DA-XL PIR Wireless Driveway Alarm System

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Wireless 240 ft Driveway Alarm & Alarm System comprising of a External Wireless PIR & 4-Channel Wireless Receiver. 

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Our most popular short range Wireless Driveway Alarm, comprising of a Battery Powered External PIR & unique 4-channel Wireless Receiver. 

The operating range between the PIR & Receiver is 240 ft (line of sight) which equates to approximately 120 ft after taking the walls of the house into account, more than enough for small domestic properties.


The Wireless PIR is powered by a single 9v PP3 Battery which will last for between 9 - 18 months in most applications, it has a 40 ft Detection range and is supplied with a specially designed rubber hood. The rubber hood which slides over the top of the PIR is designed to narrow the detection beam up to help avoid false alarms from small ground animals, should you need to widen this detection angle you can simple open up the size or shape of the front facing hole (simple but effective).


The unique 4 x Channel Receiver can operate with up to 16 x Wireless Sensors (4 x on each channel) and is powered by a plug in transformer, 4 x AAA batteries can also be fitted into the rear of the panel to act as back up power in the event of a power cut.

The Receiver can be used as both an Alert or full blown Alarm.


  • Beep (the system can be set to give an audible 'beep' for approximately 6 seconds following an activation, this beep will identify which channel has been activated.
  • Chime (the system can be set to give a one off chime following an activation, but this chime will not audibly identify which channel has been activated.
  • OFF (when the alert has been turned off using the simple slide button on the control panel, a LED will still flash to identify an activation, and to which channel it came from).
  • LED (the LED will also flash for a few seconds when any of the audible alerts are operating, this will allow you to visually identify which channel has been activated.


  • The Receiver has a built in 100 Decibel Siren which can be turned on at any time by using the built in keypad, remote control or wireless keypad.
  • Any detectors set to channel 4 will not operate the Siren, this allows you to have both an Alert & Alarm from different sensors at the same time, which works great in some applications.

Additional Sensors:
The Receiver can operate with a total of 16 x Wireless Sensors, these include:

  • External Weatherproof PIR's.
  • Internal PIR's.
  • Magnetic Door Contacts.
  • Vibration Sensors.
  • Up & Over Garage Door Tilt Switches.

This versatile system can be used in many different ways, listed below are just a few examples of use:

  1. 1 x External PIR operating as a pure Alert.
  2. 2 x External PIR's operating as an Entry Alert, each PIR set to different channels allowing you to identify the detection location.
  3. 1 x External PIR (set to alert) + 1 x Internal PIR in the Garage (set to Alarm). 
  4. 1 x External PIR (set to Alert) + 2 x Magnetic Contacts on the Front & Back Doors (set to Alarm).

These are just examples, there are many different ways this system can be used.

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  • 1 x PIR & Battery.
  • 1 x Protective PIR Rubber Hood
  • 1 x Adjustable Bracket
  • 1 x Set of Instructions
  • 1 x XL Receiver
  • 1 x12v Transformer
  • Wireless Working Range: 240 ft (line of sight).
  • Available Channels: 4 (3 Alarm & Alert, 1 Alert Only). 
  • Detectors per Channel: 4.
  • Remote Controls per Channel: 1.
  • Alarm & Alert Channels: 1,2 & 3.
  • Alert Only Channel: 4.
  • 2 x Alarm Settings: Home & Away (PIR's omitted in Home Arm).
  • Built in Receiver Siren: Yes (100 decibel).
  • Siren Duration: 3 minutes (or if turned off by a key holder).
  • Powered Supply: 1 x Plug in 12v DC Transformer (included).
  • Back Up Batteries: 4 x AAA (not included).
  • Mute Button: yes.
  • Ability to Temporary Bypass a Zone: Yes.
  • Free Standing or Wall Mounted.
  • 45 second exit for Away Arming.
  • 30 second entry when in Away Armed Mode.
  • Instant setting in Home Armed Mode.
  • 4 - digit user keypad.
  • Low Battery Indicator: Yes.
  • Operating frequency: 433Mhz.
  • Size: 5" (w) x 3 1/2" (h) x 1 1/4" (d) mm.
  • Dimensions: 3 1/2" (H) x 1 3/4" (W) x 2 1/2" (D).
  • Weight: 60g.
  • Power Supply: 1 x 9v PP3 battery.
  • Working Frequency: 433Mhz.
  • Working Radio range: 240 ft (line of sight).
  • Detection range: 40 ft.
  • Mounting Method: Swivel adjustment.
  • Battery Life: 1 yr in most applications.

PIR (passive infra-red detector)

All PIR sensors detect changes in infra-red radiation, in the form of heat emitted by a number of bodies including people, cars and to a lesser extent, dogs or other small animals. The bigger the body, the more infra-red radiation isemitted and the easier it is for a PIR sensor to detect.

If you imagine the images shown on television of a Police Helicopter following a suspect in the pitch black using night vision technology or a Soldier looking through night vision binoculars in the middle of the night, this is exactly how the PIR is working.

There are two ways of fitting the PIR (the PIR is supplied with an easy to fit adjustable mounting bracket):

  • 1 - 1.5 metres from the ground, pointing horizontally across the ground (this is the most efficient way to avoid false alarms from small animals).
  • High up pointing down towards the ground, but you will need to experiment with the angle to avoid detection of the ground.