Wireless Water Alarms

Wireless Water & Flood Alarms.

Wireless Water & Flood Alarms.

Ultra Secure Direct have a selection of Wireless Water Alarms designed to monitor for Water Leaks, High & Low Water or the early signs of a Flood.

The benefit of a Wireless System is that it allows you to fit the Sensor (or sensors) into the best location for monitoring the potential problem whilst fitting the Control Panel into the best location without having to worry about running cables.

The Control Panel may need to be located in a different room, floor or even into a different building for many reasons, these may include:

  • Only location with a Power Supply.
  • Only location with a Telephone Line.
  • Only location with a Mobile Phone signal.
  • Location where staff are present.

The Wireless range between a Water Sensor & Control Panel varies (depending on what system you choose) from 50 to 800 metres (line of sight). With some systems you can also add a Signal Repeater which will help to punch a Wireless Signal further or through walls and ceilings.

We would recommend following the basic principles shown below to choose your Wireless Water Alarm:


Choose the best type of Sensor for your application and how many sensors you will need.


Work out where you ideally need to fit the Control Panel, and work out how far it would be between the Sensor/Sensors and Control Panel, note how many walls or ceilings a Wireless Signal would have to travel through.


In the event of a Water Leak or Flood being detected, what do you want the Control Panel to do, the options include:

  • Phone Calls.
  • Text Messages.
  • Sirens.
  • Flashing Lights.
  • Or a combination of the above.

Once you have established these facts, it should be easier to choose the best system for your needs, these facts will also help us to guide you through the options if you need our advice.


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