These sophisticated alarms are meticulously designed to provide immediate alerts to you and those around you in the event of various emergencies, including floods, water leaks, fires, smoke, or dangerous temperature fluctuations. Their advanced technology ensures prompt detection and notification, thereby enhancing safety and enabling swift response to potential hazards.


Floods: Floods & Water Leaks (even small ones) are getting more frequent and becoming more difficult to insure against, and even the smallest leak can cause thousands of pounds worth of damage if not detected early, not to mention the potential dangers to People & Animals. Ultra Secure offer a range of affordable Flood & Water Alarm designed with affordable & easy DIY Installation in mind to help prevent against these disasters.

Smoke: Smoke & Fire are well known killers, Ultra Secure offer a range of systems that will help to alert you and other people of the pending disaster, they are often used in conjunction with existing Fire Systems, perhaps to contact key-holders of the problem via text message or wireless transmission to nearby buildings.

Temperature: High or Low Temperatures can cause immense damage and heartache to Animals, Food Stock, Plants, Remote Buildings, Holiday Homes, Ultra Secure offer a selection of products to alert key-holders of the potential disaster, allowing them time to resolve the problem before it is too late.

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