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A selection of Battery Powered Alarms ideal for use in Sheds, Garages, Workshops, Holiday Homes.

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A selection of Battery Powered Alarms ideal for use in Sheds, Garages, Workshops, Holiday Homes.

We have a range of Battery Powered Alarms that are perfect for small sized buildings such as Sheds, Garages, Workshops & Holiday Homes & Apartments, choices range from:

  • A budget stand alone PIR Alarm that is operated using a Remote Control, normally used in very basic buildings.
  • Standard BT Wireless PIR Alarms. 

Our Alarms are designed for easy DIY (self fit) Installation, and we have email advice to help you choose the correct system for your application, together with full support for after purchase to ensure you get the best from the chosen system. This support continues during and after the warranty periods in the unlikely event of you having a problem. 

BT Wireless PIR:

These Battery Powered BT PIR Alarms are ideal for helping to protect small buildings such as Sheds, Garages, Workshops, Holiday Homes & even small apartments, they can be used singularly or in a wireless network with any of the following products:

  • PIR's (part number 007-0200).
  • Magnetic Contact (part number 007-0260).
  • Internal Wireless Siren (part number 007-0230).
  • External Solar or Battery Siren (part number 007-0221).
  • Or even any of our GSM UltraPIR Alarms.

The PIR Detectors have built in 130 Decibel Sirens, therefore for a relatively low cost you could have one or more PIR's, an Internal & external Siren all giving off 130 Decibels in the event of a break in.

It is common to Alarm a group of Sheds or Garages with a single system, you may have a PIR in each building (provided they are within 60 - 100 ft from each other), a Solar Siren located on a central building and an Internal Siren inside the house (provided the house is within 60 - 100 ft).

The system is Armed & Disarmed using Remote Control from up to 150 ft away.

Very Affordable Alarms, very Easy to Install, very Simple to Operate, also very useful for Rapid Deployment and Temporary Installations !!

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