Sirens (Wireless & Wired)

A selection of Wired & Wireless Sirens to enhance the Solar Powered Perimeter Beam Alarm System.

A selection of Wired & Wireless Sirens to enhance the Solar Powered Perimeter Beam Alarm System.



We have a large selection of Wired & Wireless Sirens that can be used in conjunction with (and to enhance) the Solar Powered Wireless Perimeter Alarm System, they range from small Wired Internal Buzzers to External Wireless Sirens, listed below is a brief overview of a few of the options:

  • Solar Powered Wireless Siren & Receiver: (part number 004-2810): this is the top of the range Wireless Siren for this Alarm System, powered by Battery & charged by the built in Solar Panel, easy & quick to install (no cables & power needed). Easy to operate by using the a Remote Control from up to 50 metres (150 ft) away and can be used in Siren or Chime mode. It also has very bright flashing LED's when activated. The Siren doubles up as a control panel and can be used with up to 32 sets of Beams.
  • Wireless Powered Sirens: we have a range of Wireless Sirens which are powered by plug in transformers (supplied) and are activated by a wireless signal from a transmitter from up to 300 metres (900 ft) away. The transmitter would be connected to the 12v output on a Receiver inside the House or Office.
  • Wireless Battery Sirens: these work identically to the power wireless sirens by have no need for a power supply, ideal for fitting onto locations with no access to power.
  • Wired Sirens & Buzzers: we have a selection of Internal & External Sirens & Buzzers which would be connected to an internal Receiver by bell cable, some customers will have more than one Receiver allowing them to have one unit connected to a Siren (with an easy run for the cable between receiver & siren) and the other one in a position to easily move it from room to room as required.
  • Speech Alerts: we can also connect a loud Speech Alert to a Receiver, the Speech Alert would boom out your own pre-recorded message to the Intruder when the Alarm is activated.

 If you are not sure what would be best for your own situation, or how you could make it work, then please contact us for Friendly, No Obligation Advice !!

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